5 Services to Consider Outsourcing if You Are Starting a Home Inspection Business

Outsourcing for home inspectors means that they can take care of all the side services and tasks they need to be done without sacrificing time or a long-term investment. The flexibility outsourcing affords also means that inspectors can feel in complete control of their business, changing its peripheral operations to match their current needs.

All of these compelling reasons mean that outsourcing for home inspectors can be the smart way to go. Even among those that enjoy having coworkers, the following roles should be outsourced in order to obtain the most control and efficiency possible:


Growing your business often means getting the word out about your services. However, few people want to tackle marketing, especially trade-focused individuals like the engineers and contractors that frequently make up the home inspector business.

Rather than tangling with the incessant hassle of managing advertising contracts, optimizing their website, or coming up with persuasive ways to pitch their services, home inspectors can hire an affordable marketing company to take care of their lead generation needs. With digital marketing and tactics like SEO, leads can even be had cheaply without having to worry about long-term campaigns or ad space rentals.

Web Design

Web pages are critical sales tools, especially for trade professionals who get many clients’ leads from online searches. Tell others about your services and convince them that you are truly the best for the job with a beautiful and functional website.

The only problem is that keeping up with a website can be cumbersome. Expectations and technology change all the time, too, so there is no telling when a once-beautiful site could look outdated. Web design experts can handle these tasks and keep you looking modern and appealing.


Even for home inspectors that actually enjoy handling their own books, a professional accountant can provide oversight during quarterly filings or year-end tax returns, ensuring that all obligations are taken care of and that potential deductions are maximized. Spending a little money to save a lot is always a good decision, after all.

Billing and Banking

Third-party billing agencies and even apps have revolutionized the capabilities of small business owners. Provide convenient payment methods to customers while avoiding risky errors that could hurt your business’s reputation.

Scheduling, Sales, and Messaging

Answering the phone all day is a tiring, repetitive task that most business owners do not find rewarding. Therefore, one of the best services available through outsourcing for home inspectors is a messaging service. Our 100+ years of combined experience handling inspections enable us to intelligently speak to potential clients, answering any questions they may have while having the ability to close the deal.

Agencies like Inspector Call Center provide unparalleled customer service while allowing you to free up the time and money you would have spent handling calls yourself or hiring an assistant. The flexibility a contracted call service offers also mean that as your business grows, so can your capabilities to stay in touch and handle all your incoming leads.

In short, outsourcing to a home inspector call center could be one of the smartest business decisions any upstart inspection agency owner could make.

Save Money with Call Center Outsourcing for Home Inspectors

While we can’t help you find all the services above, we would be more than happy to handle the scheduling, messaging, and calling tasks that matter the most to a growing small home inspection business. Visit our home inspector call center services page to learn more.