Inspector Call Center


Q. What are your fees?

A. Our one-time set up fee starts as low as $150. The fee for ongoing call center and scheduling support starts at $229 for a new inspection company, $349 for an established, sole proprietor. Multi-inspection companies will be provided a custom quote.

Q. What is covered by the setup fee?

A. It covers Inspection Support Network (ISN) optimization and phone setup, as well as initial consultation and training Inspector Call Center staff in the details of your business. Whether we’re serving your clients over the phone or providing administrative support for you, our goal is for you and your clients to feel like they are working with your hand-picked staff.

Q. Does your scheduling calendar sync with Google calendar?

A.Yes. We use ISN (Inspection Support Network), which has a sync feature.

Q. What if I don’t have ISN? And what other system or software requirements are there for using your service?

A. The only requirement is that our clients use ISN. To set up an account and get more information, just

Q. Do you relay messages to my inspectors and me?

A.Yes, we email messages so you can respond to them at your convenience.

Q. What if all phones are busy when my client calls?

A.Our system is set up with an on-hold message. Your client will have the option to stay on the line or leave a message for a call back.

Q. Do you serve only real estate inspectors?

A.Yes, we have deep experience in this industry.

Q. How long does it take to get set up with you?

A.Depending on the size of your business, set up takes about 7 to 10 business days.

Q. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

A.No, we only ask for a 30-day cancellation notice.

Q. How do I contact you to get started?

A.Call us at 470-375-2204 or send an email to

Q. What does the monthly fee cover?

A. Just about everything you need to run and grow your business while you focus on performing inspections and writing reports:

  • Scheduling Inspections
  • Selling Inspections
  • Customer Service
  • Selling Add-ons
  • Arranging 3rd Party Services
  • Rescheduling Appointments
  • Collecting Payment