Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What software do you use to schedule?
A. We work directly in ISN (Inspection Support Network) and Spectora
Q. How do my calls come to your office?
A. We provide you with a forwarding number as part of your setup. You will contact your provider and have them forward your calls to that number. You can set up your calls to come to us as overflow, or full time. Your calls will come into our system with the name of your company, and we answer with your company name.
Q. Do you upsell our additional services?
A. Yes, our staff is industry-specific and trained and incentivized to educate the caller on your services.
Q. How do my messages get delivered to me?
A. Time sensitive we will call you directly, send you an email or text via ISN (if activated).
Q. Do you record your calls?
A. Yes. We have access to calls for 2 weeks and we use them for training purposes, but can share them with you upon request.
Q. What if an inspection gets canceled?
A. We do not charge you for any inspections that have been canceled, even if scheduled fully.
Q. How long does it take to get started?
A. Our intake process is very detailed and typically takes 2 weeks from start to finish.
Q. How long have you been serving home inspectors?
A. Since 2005
Q. Am I locked into a contract?
A. No long term contract.
Q. Does the service cost more if I have multiple inspectors?
A. No
Q. Do you have a setup fee?
A. Yes, our Client Development Manager can provide more details on the fee and what’s covered during setup.
Q. Can you set up access for my home inspections?
A. We discuss with the caller to confirm who will be responsible for access and document that in your CRM. If you use a showing management service (ShowingTime) we will use your credentials to setup access via the website. Our Client Development Manager can provide more details.
Q. What are your hours of operation?
A. Monday – Friday : 8AM – 9PM
Saturday : 9AM – 7PM
Sunday    : 1PM – 9PM

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