Inspector Call Center was designed specifically for residential and commercial real estate inspectors!

With ICC`s industry specific service, sales, and satisfaction rate, you know we know how to help you grow!

Our industry specific professionals understand your business, the ICC`s processes, and the Inspection Support Network (ISN).

At Inspector Call Center, we know what Real Estate Inspectors need to run a successful business:



Experienced personnel who are trained to represent you and your business effectively


Incoming calls

Reps who know how to handle incoming calls to best serve your clients while respecting your time in the field!



Scheduling that keeps your business moving without putting you in a race against the clock


24 hours

Back-office support built around your business



Sales from professionals who understand the industry



ICC is here to help you navigate YOUR business with full-service marketing! To learn more, click HERE to check out the packages!


The Story Behind Inspector Call Center

Call center and outsourcing. These don’t exactly inspire confidence. I know because I went this route for my own inspection business. And the experience wasn’t good. I simply wasn’t getting the back-office support and customer service my business – and my clients – deserved. The shortcomings were clear and so was the solution: launch Inspector Call Center.


Our Services


We provide hands-on customized experience to our clients. We make sure that at the end of the day the brand name is highlighted.

Strategic Liaison

Our experienced team which is already an expert in presenting businesses to the clients, works as a partner in the development

Enhanced Services

We provide an enhanced experience for your clientele and for you as well. We try to provide you with more services than you signed up for in order to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

Gaining Competitor Knowledge

In addition to all the value added services, we ensure an in depth market research exclusively for you in order to know what is happening in the market.

End to End Processing

We make the processing of all the past, present and potential clients easy for you by providing all the necessary coordination needed in order to find potential clients.

Educating The Clients

We make sure that the client knows what they are signing up for because we keep nothing hidden. As we always try our best to provide.

Success Stories

Inspector Call Center

Advantages with an impact!

Experts at your service

As a home inspector owned and operated call center, we have extensive experience in the inspection industry so when you hand over your work to us you know we understand your business!

Coordinated Alliance

We want to work as your partners and we will consider your business as ours and ww strive to provide the best experience for you and your clients!

Agile customer assistance

Customer service remains our top priority as a happy customer means everything to a business. Our team is efficiently trained to get the maximum results for you!

Quick Response for all

The inquiry calls are more important than they seem. Survey data shows that call inquiries produce more leads and tours than any other method of care and we keep that top of mind!

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