How to Get to Safe Mode Without a Keyboard Synonym

Hopefully, you successfully got your Windows booted into safe mode with one of these methods. The device will restart a second time, this time displaying a list of options. Select option 4 or 5 to boot to Safe Mode or Safe Mode With Networking, respectively. It’s relatively easy to boot into safe mode on Windows 10, just try the following steps. Once you’re in the settings menu, select Update & security and then Recovery.

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  • The way that restarting your tablet checkmates minor software issues, is the same way a network reset fixes issues due to your connectivity.
  • The Windows Update service allows you to install the new OS the same way you apply significant Windows 10 feature updates.

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The whole process can be done in about an hour if all goes well. Another way to fix Microsoft Photos is to try reinstalling the app. To do this, open the App Store on your device and search for “Microsoft Photos. If you have an installation media for Windows 10, 8. To reset your default Photos app, open the Settings app on your device, scroll to the bottom and tap “Photos.” Tap “Default Photos app” and Go Now select the app you want as your default. Microsoft Photos is the latest version of Microsoft’s photo management software.

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To do this, you will repeatedly turn the device off and then on again. After your device restarts, select option4from the list or pressF4for Safe Mode. This loads the same devices, drivers and services as the Safe Mode option with the additional drivers necessary to load networking. Usually, you would load this mode when your device has hardware issues, or you’re dealing with startup, performance, malware, or network problems. Also, if you recently installed an update that prevents you from loading the desktop, you can use Safe Mode to uninstall the update to mitigate the problem. In Windows, Safe Mode is a system state that loads only a minimum set of components and disables non-essential drivers and applications from running on startup.

It comes with free upgrades and low monthly rates. The ‘remove everything’ option deletes user files in addition to reinstalling Windows 10. The function includes removing drivers and applications installed by users, and reverting the system settings to the default state. Computer factory reset can solve computer issues for users, but it also brings data loss. So, we highly recommend users to back up the computer data before factory settings.