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We know what you are looking for: the best, most efficient, educated customer service team to outsource your call center to! Luckily, we are always exceeding client expectations! The ICC team is composed of a group of expertly trained industry professionals who have a passion for customer service and helping your business grow! As a company created by home inspectors for home inspectors, we understand from years of frustration what type of experience a potential client has to have during the booking process to land a sale, so we have perfected the process which means there are no missed leads from us which equals maximum profit for you!

Customer Satisfaction Average for
Inspector Call Center


CSAT Average

Our Team has a CSAT rating of 4.4/5! With 100% response rates, exceptional client satisfaction ratings, years of experience, and a team of trained professionals, ICC is here to ensure your back end office support is fully taken care of while you focus on your company goals! Stop worrying about handling customer queries and complaints, and start imagining ways to take your company to the next level!

Why Choose ICC?

  • Created by home inspectors for home inspectors!
  • Seamless, efficient booking for your customers and staff!
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • No missed lead from us = maximum sales for you!
  • Industry trained customer service professionals representing your company!

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