This is Dan, a trusted real estate inspector who has worked hard to build his good reputation and has plans to grow his business but there is a little hurdle in his way. A monster that stalks him constantly, robbing his time, stressing him out and costing him money. It is the dreaded phone monster which keeps ringing day and night, night and day. Dan knows that if someone is calling and he is not being able to answer it, they will call someone else. The phone monster is eating Dan one call at a time and he sees no escape, if he could only clone himself.

Dan 1 could do the inspection and Dan 2 could answer the phones. This is where we come in, At inspector call center we offer the next best thing. A well trained dedicated agent to handle all your calls. They will answer with your company’s name and while you are working, they will sell your service, schedule and confirm appointments, answer all your customers’ questions, ask them questions that help in up-selling your services and represent your company in a very professional manner.

As far as your customers know, their call is being answered at your office wherever that may be. By adding Inspector Call Center to his team, Dan’s phone monster is gone. Now he’s doing more jobs and making more money and still has some time for himself as well.
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  • Created by home inspectors for home inspectors!
  • Seamless, efficient booking for your customers and staff!
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • No missed lead from us = maximum sales for you!
  • Industry trained customer service professionals representing your company!

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