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Empowering Your Business with Revenue-Focused, Transparent Investment for Exceptional Growth

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Optimized Growth, Optimized Revenue

Unlock the full potential of your business with ICC's Partner service. Our investment options are crafted not just to support, but to actively enhance your revenue streams. From calendar optimization to strategic marketing initiatives, our plans are designed to align with your ambitious growth targets. With ICC, you invest in more than just outsourced services - you invest in a dedicated partner that's incentivized to help you succeed at every turn.

Revenue-Focused Team

Partner with a team that's as invested in your success as you are. Our revenue-sharing model motivates us to maximize your business revenue with each call.

Marketing and Upselling

Benefit from our outbound marketing campaigns and upsell strategies. We're not just managing calls; we're growing your client base and increasing your per-inspection revenue.

Customized Integration

Experience a seamless extension of your business. Our services are tailored to fit like a glove with your operations, ensuring a unified approach to growth.

Tailored Pricing for Optimized Call Management

Only pay for real calls over 60 seconds (All calls under 60 seconds are free!)

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Customized solutions for long-term growth partner looking to leverage our call center capabilities for marketing. Share revenue model.
8% 125%
of Revenue/ Per year
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All Services from Prime and:
Outbound Realtor / Buyer Follow-up
New Realtor meeting setup calls
Advanced Upselling Staff
And much more

Unlock Your Business Potential Now

Take a decisive step towards aggressive growth with our Partner service. Experience the synergy of a dedicated team focused on maximizing your revenue.

Tailored Partnership for Optimized Growth

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Dive into real stories of transformation and success from our valued clients. Discover how Overflow has revolutionized their call management and propelled their businesses forward.

1. Tailored Investment Plans

Our Partner service offers dynamic revenue-sharing plans that adapt to your growth. As your revenue increases, so does our shared success, ensuring alignment of interests and a true partnership.

2. Growth-Oriented Solutions

Our service is designed to accelerate your business growth. By focusing on revenue rather than just calls, we ensure that every interaction is an opportunity to enhance your bottom line.

3. Transparent Partnership

We believe in openness and shared goals. With Partner, you have a transparent relationship where we succeed together, with clear insights into how our efforts contribute to your growth.

4. Scaling with Your Vision

As your aspirations take shape, our Partner service scales with you. Our support evolves to meet your expanding needs, ensuring a seamless growth trajectory.

5. Maximizing Business Potential

The value of Partner is in our shared commitment to your revenue growth. Our focused approach aims to increase conversion rates and enhance your profitability.

6. Simplified Revenue Sharing

With Partner, enjoy the simplicity of a revenue-sharing model. This straightforward approach makes it easier to predict costs and revenue, allowing for better financial planning.


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Founded on the principles of innovation, trust, and partnership, we have been dedicated to empowering home inspectors with cutting-edge solutions since our inception.

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