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Flexible Backup for Peak Times

Our multi-inspectors want all calls answered quick, even on Monday mornings as their team are tied up. They always want to ensure calls are handled efficiently without the fixed cost burden.

Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Multi-Inspector firms leverage ICC to give them a competitive and unique edge. We provide exceptional call management, setting your firm apart from others and elevating your market presence.

Cost-Effective Strategy for Growing Businesses

Ideal for expanding firms, our cost-effective, pay-per-call model significantly reduces operational costs, allowing resources to be focused more efficiently on business growth.

Case studies

At Inspector Call Center, we understand that multi-inspector firms face unique challenges.

We provide specialized solutions.

Scale your inspection business a lot easier and quicker with ICC

A team dedicated to helping multi-inspector firms grow faster through providing outstanding service.

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Weekly New Buyer Calls

Handling thousands of inspections calls weekly, ICC ensures each potential customer receives timely and professional attention.

Average Inspection Group ROI

Our clients experience an average of 17x return on investment, maximizing efficiency and profitability through our service.


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1. Building Inspector Brands

Our service is designed to extend and enhance your brand’s reputation. We meticulously train our staff to align with your branding, ensuring seamless representation in every interaction.

2. Seamless Existing Team Integration

Our overflow service complements your in-house team, providing support during peak times or staff absences, ensuring continuous efficiency without overburdening your existing staff.

3. Increased Realtor Satisfaction and Loyalty

We prioritize exceptional service, aiming to not just meet but exceed realtor expectations. Our team’s expertise in handling calls adds value, enhancing realtor satisfaction and loyalty.

4. True overflow support

Even if call missing isn’t frequent, our service offers more than just call handling. We provide scalability, data insights, and operational flexibility that can be critical during unexpected volume surges.

5. Personalized Buyer Handling

Our service is built on the principle of personalization. We ensure that every buyer’s call is handled with the utmost care and attention, reflecting your firm’s commitment to personalized service.

6. Flexibility and Adaptability to Changing Needs

Our service is designed for flexibility and adaptability. You can use it as much or as little as needed, ensuring you have control over your call management without becoming overly reliant.

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