Privacy Policy

Inspector call center is highly indulged in taking care of your privacy. There is a strict policy about what information is collected from you and for what purpose it is used.


What information is collected from our side?

Your personal information including your name, age, email address and sometimes your mobile number is also included. While the name is the most fundamental information that needs to be collected, number and email is used to contact you and the reason why age is mentioned here is to know that the person using these services is of legal age to put your personal information on a website.


Why is it collected?

Contact information is collected for confirmations and to send you informative or promotional emails or texts in the future.
Other than personal information, the information of the device and internet services you are using is also collected in order to improve the website experience for our customers.


How safe is your information with us?

Inspector call center is not involved in disclosing your information to the third parties. The information may be shared within the organization just in order to make your experience better with us and to provide you with better assistance from our side. The third parties that may be involved in the process can get access to this information as well but the information is completely safe with them. The information is only revealed if the law is involved and the situation is unavoidable.


What are cookies?

Small text files sent from a web server to the hard drive of your computer are used for record keeping purposes. It records what and how many pages you have visited.
We use cookies to make your experience better and provide the most relevant and effective website experience.


Changes in privacy policy?

We will notify you about any changes in our privacy policy and if you accept that or continue the usage after this, this will automatically mean you have accepted that.
Contact us on the following numbers if you need any further assistance in this matter.