Our promise to you: Take care of your business as if it is our own

Treat every caller the way you want to be treated. They don’t call it the golden rule for nothing. Our people, technology, size and expertise set us apart. Yes, we handle thousands of calls efficiently and professionally. But at the same time, we treat each call as if it’s the only one. So, while we have many rules and processes on how to handle the calls, the most important one is still the golden rule.

Universal Partners

Our experienced team is already exceptional in presenting businesses to the clients, and works as a partner in the development of your business.

Personalized Service

We provide hands-on customized experience to our clients and highlight your brand in the most professional, personalised way possible.


When you work with ICC, our staff is your staff, we always follow up after service calls ensuring that your customers are satisfied.

Enhanced Services

At ICC, we go above and beyond for every client because we see you as part of the family! We have multiple SOPs in place to ensure client education, satisfaction, and retention!

Capturing the Market

In addition to all the value added services, we ensure an in depth market research exclusively for you in order to know what is happening in your market and how your company can grow!

24/7 Processing!

We make processing easy for all clients by finding potential sales, grabbing their attention, booking an appointment, and delivering exceptional service.

Educated Choices

At ICC, we believe that transparency is key, so educating the client is imperative to our processes. We make your clients feel like they are working with hand picked staff.

100% No Failed Leads

We chase leads like dreams at ICC! We have systems in place to ensure team members are thoroughly and consistently checking all forums of marketing so all leads are converted into sales.

Outstanding Customer Assistance

Customer always comes first, and we provide the best customer service available in the market. All our services focus on how to make this experience best for the business owners and their clients.

For more information on how ICC is the right choice, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!

Why Choose ICC?

  • Created by home inspectors for home inspectors!
  • Seamless, efficient booking for your customers and staff!
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • No missed lead from us = maximum sales for you!
  • Industry trained customer service professionals representing your company!

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