Everything You Need to Take Care of Business

You’re busy focusing on inspections and reports. It’s difficult to do that and everything else your business requires. That’s where we come in.

From sales and customer service to back-office support, Inspector Call Center lets residential and commercial real estate inspectors focus on the heart and soul of the business while we take care of the nuts and bolts, everything that keeps your business going. What’s more, we do it the way you would – honoring your preferences and representing you to your clients.

Services from staff who know the industry and ISN:

  • Excellent customer service for your clients and prospects
  • Calls answered and fielded appropriately
  • Hassle-free scheduling directly into ISN and ensuring access to properties
  • Messages and appointments emailed to you in real-time
  • Experienced sales of your services, including add-ons, and 3rd party services
  • Referral follow-ups
  • Accurate and timely billing

How you benefit:

  • We have an average close rate of 85%
  • We offer a variety of service options, from full-service to overflow messaging, that you can select based on your company’s unique needs
  • Your time in the field is protected and respected
  • Sane scheduling keeps your day manageable and your business moving
  • Confidence knowing you and your business are represented knowledgeably and professionally
  • The ability to grow without having to hire and manage your own staff

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