Inspector Call Center – Driving agent referrals

Realtors refer ICC clients to all their buyers and other agents knowing they will
predictably be astounded with the experience.

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    Our team of professionally trained Associates works tirelessly to maximize the profits of inspection companies across the country.

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    From coordinating day of problems to educating buyers on necessary ancillaries, Inspector Call Center gives inspectors control over their businesses



    Our Associates handle 1000’s of calls per week for Home Inspection companies


    Incoming calls

    Reps who know how to handle incoming calls to best serve your clients while respecting your time in the field!



    Scheduling that keeps your business moving without putting you in a race against the clock

    Live US coverage

    83 hours / wk

    Extended hours of advanced incentivized schedulers to maximize bookings



    Sales from professionals who understand the industry



    ICC is here to help you navigate YOUR business with full-service marketing

    Take your

    inspection company to new heights!

    Start your inspection business on the right foot!
    Bill Compton

    The Story Behind
    Inspector Call Center

    Founded out of frustration around losing agents, Inspector Call Center is constantly striving to give control back to Inspectors. Privately owned, we
    attract highly motivated top talent to put at the service of the inspection community. Our clients leverage our proprietary systems, highly trained associates and market insight to meaningfully increase their profits.


    Our Services

    Universal Partners

    Our experienced team is already exceptional in presenting businesses to the clients, and works as a partner in the development of your business.

    Personalized Service

    We provide hands-on customized experience to our clients and highlight your brand in the most professional, personalized way possible.

    Enhanced Services

    At ICC, we ensure we go above and beyond for every client because we see you as part of the family! We have multiple SOPs in place to ensure client education, satisfaction, and retention!

    Capturing the Market

    In addition to all the value added services, we ensure an in depth market research exclusively for you in order to know what is happening in your market and how your company can grow!

    83 Hours / Week Prime Coverage

    We ensure top people are fully trained and incentivized to maximize revenue Monday to Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday 1pm-9pm EST.

    Educated Choices

    At ICC, we believe that transparency is key, so educating the client is imperative to our processes. We make your clients feel like they are working with hand picked staff.

    Success Stories

    Dwight, I want to tell you that I worked hand-in-hand with Rachel all day today and she hit it out of the ballpark! I had an amazingly productive day thanks to her help! Thank you Rachel


    Atlantic Building Inspections

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    Hi Nick – You do an awesome job, by the way. We were customer experience shopping a while back and called all of our competitors in Athens as well as ourselves. You took the order and were by far the best person to answer the phone.


    ICC customer

    Inspector Call Center is not just an answering service they are an extension of your team/company. They completely and confidently understand the Home Inspection Industry and our clients love them.

    Jon M


    Inspector Call Center

    Advantages with an impact!

    experts at your service

    As a home inspector owned and operated call center, we have extensive experience in the inspection industry so when you hand over your work to us you know we understand your business!

    coordinated alliance

    We want to work as your partners and we will consider your business as ours and will strive to provide the best experience for you and your clients!

    agile customer assistance

    Relationships matter in the home inspection business. We understand that agent relationships are critical to the success of your business.

    quick response for all

    The inquiry calls are more important than they seem. Survey data shows that call inquiries produce more inspections than any other method of care and we keep that top of mind!

    Advantages with an impact

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