How an Inbound Sales Professional Makes Sense for Booking Appointments for Home Inspectors

You sit on your elbows and knees, squeezed into an attic crawl space surrounded by what is in all likelihood asbestos. As you attempt to wiggle through to get a better look at the stained truss ahead, you think it can’t get any worse. Then your phone rings.

Scenarios like this illustrate why being self-employed has both its benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, you have the independence to run your business as you want. On the other, you wonder how you can find the time to handle tasks like scheduling, incoming messages, and inquiries without having to sacrifice work quality. In today’s society, potential prospects expect their phone call to be answered right away and if it is not, it is very likely they may contact the next inspection service down the list. Not being able to immediately answer a phone call can make the difference in gaining a new customer or client.

How do the bigger pros get it all done? They have help. Outsourcing for home inspectors can mean that you have inbound sales professionals working for you during business hours, handling tasks so that you can focus on what you do best. Read on to learn the benefits of outsourcing to a home inspector inbound sales professional and how it can help you grow your bottom line.

Task Delegation to Free Up Time

The hypothetical scenario above is the perfect example of why home inspectors are often unable to answer their phones during most regular business hours. If the call is not interrupting an inspection, it is just as likely to be interrupting a face-to-face meeting. In that event, inspectors end up having to choose which party to be marginally rude to the caller or the person in front of them.

Letting someone leave a voicemail is not always the best decision either since enough voice mails could pile up and lead to a backlog of work. You can go home still stressed even though your day has technically ended because you must return calls and play phone tag with people.

Inbound sales representatives are there to cater to this side of your business. They ensure that you are not disturbed during important jobs or meetings, but you still never miss out on an important call or potential lead.

Improved Customer Service

As an extension of the point above, hiring outside messaging and sales staff can dramatically improve your ability to stay in communication with your clients and potential client leads. Your sales rep can field all the calls for you, respond as instructed, and give you a “digest” of the activities that happened so far, including important events like a new inspection being scheduled. Your customers enjoy fluid, consistent communication and get to speak to a friendly face of your business that does not have to risk inhaling asbestos just to answer the phone.

Growth of Your Bottom Line

There are client leads that nurture themselves — they call knowing what they want and are ready to schedule — but then there are the clients that must be wooed. They have all sorts of questions about your services, or they may be uncertain if you can meet the needs of their job.

In these instances, the way they are talked to can affect whether or not they commit to a sale. Inbound sales reps are experienced at getting a sale, even in clients that seemed completely uncommitted at first. The best inbound sales professionals can even upsell clients, adding on additional inspections or services that lift your revenue in consistent, noticeable ways.

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